Yule Log II

A light, decorative cake for Christmas, Yule Log II is so tempting that the family is sure to enjoy it, even after a huge lunch! Decorate the log with holly sprigs and a model robin.

1 Swiss Roll with Cream


1 lb. Buttercream Icing, chocolate flavour

4 oz. mixed candied fruits, chopped

2 oz.

13 cup glace cherries, chopped

1 oz. icing sugar

½ cup confectioners’ sugar J, sifted

Using a sharp knife, cut a small piece diagonally off one end of the Swiss roll, about l2-inchcs wide at the wider end.

Place the piece on the side of the roll to represent a branch. Place the roll on a serving plate.

In a medium-sized mixing bowl, com-bine the buttcrcrcam icing, fruits and cherries and stir to mix well.

Using a spatula, spread the icing mix-ture all over the log and branch. Draw a fork along the icing to make a bark pattern. Sprinkle over the icing sugar and place the log in the refrigerator to chill until required.

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