The lay use of ‘stomachache’ is of course not medically accurate. The word stomach is used colloquially to cover the entire abdomen.

Abdominal pain needs to be treated depending upon the underlying cause. Most often the reason is clear and associated with the ingestion of some bad food or a nutrient to which an individual is intolerant. Stomachache in association with other symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhoea will help the diagnosis.


If no reason is apparent, any severe pain or one that lasts longer than a few hours should be referred to a GP for a further diagnosis.

The homeopathic remedy Aconite can be used at the onset of any condition. Aconite may not only take away the discomfort but also bring forward other symptoms at a faster rate to help diagnose the underlying problem.

There are two acupressure points that may be gently stimulated; they lie below the edge of the rib cage, the length of the individual’s thumb away from the middle of the lower edge of the sternum (chest bone). They can be located easily because they will be slightly painful.

Chamomile (two teaspoonsful), rosemary and sage (one teaspoon of each) may be infused in one pint of boiling water and a cupful drunk every half an hour. This concoction has an earthy taste and may benefit from some honey.

Drink plenty of water, at least half a pint per foot of height during the day.

Ginger tea made by chopping up half an inch of fresh root ginger into a mug of hot water can be drunk and may be soothing.

In children and infants .