To be shy is a character trait that is not necessarily abnormal. Our personality and upbringing will determine the levels of shyness and it is only if our timidity causes social or personal problems that it need to be considered worthy of treatment. Most people will suffer some shyness but if an inability to socialize or perform occurs then treatment is recommended.

Consult a homeopathic Materia Medica and choose a remedy that most matches other psychological and physical attributes of the individual. Pay special attention to the remedies Baryta carbonica, Coca and Pulsatilla.

Copper or zinc excess or deficiency may encourage timidity. A hair sample should be taken and’deficiency supplemented. If there is an excess, it is necessary to isolate the foods that may be putting too much into the system and remove them.

Behavioural modification techniques through counselling or neurolinguistic programming may benefit but commitment to the course is necessary.

Bach flower remedies, specifically Buttercup and Pink Monkey Flower, may be tried.