Pityriasis is a fine scaly condition of the skin. There are many different types, defined by the position on the body or shape of the lesion. There may be an association with vesicles and pustules and the condition may even be in the body, such as on the tongue.

Pityriasis rosea

This is a common self-limiting skin disease of the trunk that usually clears up within three months. It is characterized by a pale red patch with a fawn-coloured centre. There may be one or many patches, which usually appear on the trunk and upper arms and thighs.


Specific homeopathic treatment should be selected on the symptoms and the person as a whole by a homeopath, but Natrum muriaticum 6 taken four times a day may clear the problem.

Application of Calendula or Urtica-based creams are useful.

Examination of where the lesions are by an acupuncturist or specialist with a knowledge of acupuncture points may be beneficial to discover any underlying weakness in the system that has allowed this condition, of unknown origin, to occur.