Facial flushing may occur because of a medical condition such as fever, a skin condition such as eczema and the taking of certain drugs, including steroids, but in young adults it is most commonly known as blushing. High blood pressure and alcoholism may also create a red face but this tends to be permanent rather than fluctuating.

A blush is a facial arterial response to the hormones created by the nervous system, generally in response to embarrassment. This is a physiological condition and need not be treated unless severe.

A flush of the face may also occur in response to adrenaline-like substances produced with anger. This too is a physiological response and does not warrant treatment.


Unless particularly severe and causing social difficulties, this is not a condition requiring medical treatment.

There is no orthodox treatment and heavier facial make-up may be recommended as a last resort.

Blushing through embarrassment may benefit from the homeopathic remedies Lachesis or Baryta carbonica taken at potency 200 nightly for seven nights and allowing one month for the full effect to take place.

Hypnotherapy, meditation techniques and counselling, including the use of neurolinguistic programming, may all reduce the amount of hormone produced in response to embarrassment or, in the case of anger, bring out any underlying subconscious reasons for this overreaction.