The most common problem with ejaculation in young adults is that of premature ejaculation (achieving orgasm and ejaculation with minimal or no physical contact). Strictly speaking this is not a problem of the urogenital tract, it is more to do with psychology. Other problems of ejaculation are due to the rare occasions when individuals may not produce semen or seminal fluid or if the sympathetic nervous system, part of the autonomic, uncontrolled, nervous system, is damaged. This may occur around the penis or throughout the spinal column. Injury to the penis itself or infections that have caused scarring in the tubes from the testes upwards may all cause problems with ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation

If ejaculation is taking place too quickly there is rarely a need to bring a doctor into the equation but if ejaculation is absent then medical opinion should be sought.

Understand and believe that this is a very common problem faced by most males at some time of their life. It is often associated with early sexual experiments or erotic partners or situations and time usually heals the problem.


If ejaculation is absent please see your doctor for referral to a specialist.

If ejaculation is too swift (premature ejaculation), try the following routine: (a) Practise, either through masturbation or with your partner, intimacy without genital contact and conclude the intimacy before an orgasm or ejaculation occurs. Overenthusiasm may occur too often and it is important to put it down to experience and next time use even less stimulation until an acceptable level is reached that does not cause ejaculation. (b) If ejaculation seems imminent, stop the activity and squeeze firmly just below the head of the penis. (c) Slowly increase the sexual activity. An individual may find that although premature ejaculation occurs with initial contact, the ‘second round’ will be prolonged and more controlled. (d) Consult with a counsellor (most of whom will have had training in such matters) if the problem does not resolve within a few weeks. The longer premature ejaculation carries on, the more ingrained a problem it becomes.