Double vision is created by the optical part of the brain receiving two images at the same time. This occurs because the eyeballs are not synchronized or because of extra impulses being incorrectly transmitted through the nervous system.

Problems can occur from the front of the eye, caused by the muscles of the eye pulling the eyeball in different directions, and from neurological problems of the optic nerve leading to the optical part of the brain.

Trauma, infection, damage to the nerve tracts by growths, diabetes or drugs must all be excluded. More complicated neurological or muscular diseases also need to be eliminated as possible causes.

Remember that the most common cause of double vision is a blow to the eye or head and is liable to be temporary but, as in any visual disturbance that lasts for more than a few minutes, a medical opinion is best sought.

Conditions such as multiple sclerosis or muscular dystrophy may rarely present as double vision and therefore I must emphasize the importance of establishing an underlying cause because naturopathic treatments for even these serious conditions may work better if started early in the course of such diseases.


Visit a doctor or emergency room for any visual disturbance.

The homeopathic remedy Arnica should be used if trauma initiated the double vision. Take Arnica 6 every hour until the problem resolves. A persistent double vision, caused by trauma, that has been examined to rule out any other complications may be treated by Natrum sulphuricum 30, four pills four times a day for five days.

Having ruled out the necessity for orthodox intervention, cranial osteopathy, craniosacral therapy and specific eye exercises such as the Bates eye exercises will be beneficial.