The retina is the medical term for the layer at the back of the eye where all the visual nerves collect the light that travels through the lens, cornea and vitreous fluids in the two chambers of the eye.

Detachment usually occurs following injury, surgery, infection or arterial damage such as atheroma in the elderly.

Symptoms of retinal detachment are seeing flashing lights, funny shapes and eventually blindness that starts with the peripheral vision (outer part of your vision) and moves inwards.


Any visual problem should be taken to your doctor or local emergency room immediately. Specific laser treatment may now be used to prevent further detachment of the retina once it starts and the sooner this treatment is provided the better.

On your way to the doctor the remedies Apis or Aconite, potency 6, can be taken every lOmin.

Recurrent detachment needs to be treated by a complementary medical specialist with experience in this field who may use specific homeopathic remedies and high-dose supplementation in conjunction with eye exercises. High-dose antioxidants may be used until the consultation .