This patchy hyperpigmentation is most often seen on the face, nipples and down the middle of the abdomen, although it can show up anywhere. The patches may be of varying size and often become marked during pregnancy, menstruation, and with disorders of the ovaries or uterus and occasionally in association with tumours.

Very often the condition has no obvious cause but may be due to the action of sunshine on areas of the skin affected by perfumes and cosmetics, as well as certain hormonal problems.


A full assessment from a medical practitioner to rule out anything nasty is the first step.

Avoid buying any medicated compounds, cosmetics or perfumes for use on the areas affected.

Obtain a complementary medical view from a homeopath and/or herbalist because these two branches of medicine claim to have the highest success rates.

As with all skin conditions, subconscious or underlying psychological conditions must be determined either through counselling or hypnotherapy.