Chlamydia is a tenacious bacterium often found associated with vaginal irritation and discharge. It is blamed for inflammatory condition in the uterus and Fallopian tubes and can lead to blockages and therefore to infertility and should be treated swiftly and effectively.

It is important to treat an infected sexual partner and, as getting a partner to a clinic or doctor’s surgery for a potentially uncomfortable, if not painful, swab is difficult, a first morning urine sample collected at home and sent or brought to a laboratory may suffice. It is also worth asking for chlamydia to be looked for on routine cervical smears since infection may be asymptomatic (without symptoms).

See Vaginitis.

Specifically make up a solution of zinc sulphate by adding 5ml of a two per cent solution to one pint of water and use this as a douche. Do not ingest.