However, more so than any other garment, the brassiere can lead to or harbour problems.

Correct fitting is essential. A tight-fitting brassiere can rub on the skin over a period of time and may lead to slight abrasions that can allow mild infection or Candida to set in. Persistent rubbing can lead to skin cancers, and moles that lie underneath the tight-fitting lining of a brassiere have a higher tendency to develop cancerous changes.

Support is essential, especially for larger breasts in athletic women. Unfettered bouncing can lead to stretching of the ligaments that support the breasts and this can cause unnecessary sagging in later life.


Ensure correct fitting brassieres. Bear in mind that breasts may change depending on the time of the month and it may be necessary to have different-sized brassieres. Avoid forcing the breasts into cups that are too small.

Spend as much time braless as possible.