A boil is a localized infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. It usually starts around a hair follicle and develops into a solitary abscess. An abscess is defined as a collection of pus (the body’s dead white blood cells) that drains to the nearest surface through a single tract. This may be external to the skin or internal to the bowel, lungs, etc. They are differentiated from pimples by an arbitrary decision on the size.


Recurrent, numerous or persistent boils should be addressed by a complementary medical practitioner.

Application of hot and then cold compresses can draw a boil out.

Soaked oats and wholegrain bread poultices may be most beneficial.

The homeopathic remedy Hepar sulphuris calcarium 6, four pills every hour, is one of the rare master remedies for a general condition.

Boils should only be lanced under medical supervision.

Application of Arnica creams is encouraged.

Any boil around the anus must be treated by a medically qualified complementary practitioner immediately. They have a higher tendency to drain inwards, allowing a tract for the faeces and related bacteria to travel into the boil/abscess.