Aches and pains in a young adult that are not associated with exercise must be reviewed by both a medical practitioner and a complementary body worker such as an osteopath or chiropractor. Diseases of the muscles and joints in young adults are unusual and may require treatment.


Ensure that you are well-stretched out before and after exercise.

Ensure that you are well hydrated. Half a pint of water per foot of height drunk through the day, and an extra amount of water for any extra sweating or the intake of alcohol, caffeine or excessively sweet foods. All of these are dehydrating. Ensure that you have a high intake of vegetables of all varieties because mineral deficiencies can lead to persisting cramps, etc.

Persisting pains with no obvious reason must be brought to the attention of a medical practitioner, orthodox or complementary to begin with.


Always stretch out before and after exercise.

Apply an Arnica cream to the tendon and calf if ever there is soreness in that area.

Alternate hot and cold applications via a bucket of iced and hot water.

The remedies Arnica, Rhus toxicodendron and Ruta should be reviewed.

An Achilles tendon rupture (commonly sounds like a gun shot) must be surgically treated.

Persisting discomfort should be reviewed by an osteopath or body worker with knowledge of posture. Incorrectly fitting shoes can be very detrimental.

Pay special attention to any abrasions or moles that might come into contact with the harder parts of the brassiere.

Change brassieres frequently. Despite washing, certain fungi and yeasts can live in brassiere straps and cause minor irritations.