Yogurt Tips

Usually made from skimmed milk, the food values of yogurt are increasingly appreciated and many people make it at home.

Use it, in its natural flavour, to make a health-giving breakfast, with a tablespoon of bran or muesli, with brown sugar and fruit. When you make a curry, add sliced cucumber or onion to yogurt for a deliciously cooling accompaniment.

Commercial yogurt All yogurt sold in this country contains a live culture unless labelling indicates that it is heat treated. Low-fat yogurt has the same fat content as skimmed milk and whole-milk yogurt, the same fat percentage as whole milk. Whole-fruit yogurt contains fruit in a sugar syrup, whereas with fruit-flavoured yogurt, the taste comes from fruit syrup.

Storing yogurt Keep cool, otherwise the dormant bacteria become active and produce more acid which impairs the flavour of the yogurt and also causes it to separate.

Keep all yogurt in the refrigerator for four-five days. Heat treated yogurt keeps longer: look for the date stamp on the cap.

You can freeze fruit yogurt for up to three months because it has a high sugar content. Thaw in the refrigerator for 24 hours, or for one hour at room temperature.