Woman to woman

IT SEEMS strange to me that all through my life I have heard people discussing and arguing that ‘a woman’s place-is in the home.’ This is a man-made slogan and belongs to the days when a man married a woman and she was then one of his chattels.

Every woman is a person in her own right, whether she marries or remains single.

How can any man expect the woman he marries to keep bright, intelligent and animated if he shuts her up in a lonely house with two or more children for company?

What would be the good of a business training to any girl, if on marrying she had to give it all up and be content to do household chores?

Young mothers are lonely people. They miss the companionship of other adults, the dirill of going to business each day – they need an interest other than marriage and they should keep an active interest in their own careers.

If only young married women would realize that marriage is not the end of their business careers, much discontent would vanish and wives would be happier.

Children demand a mother’s whole time until they are of school age. Then, gradually, she can begin to think of her previous career from a part-time point of view. This will give her an added zest in living and fill a time in her life when she feels the children no longer need her so much.

Women in their forties look young today, and once their cluldren have stopped requiring their constant care they not only look young but feel young. They have a lot of time on their hands and it is then that they can return to a part-time career and make a great success of it.

Children are happier when they realize that Mother is independent of them – it saves them from tolerating interfering fuss from a mother with nothing else to do.

Women need an absorbing interest at all ages after the children have grown. What is to prevent two mothers from getting together and starting a new career for themselves – the commercial cultivation of a hobby; a tea-shop; a baby-sitter service? There is nothing like being busy and wanted to be really happy.

I love my family and home, but I also love my independence and my right to be ‘me.’ Many women are better wives and mothers if they have the satisfaction of accomplishing something other than home duties. There is no suppression then, no frustration, and such a woman must be giving of her best to her home because of her happiness in living. Happy is the woman who has a husband who realizes the great truth of this.