Whiting is an edible fish belonging to the COD family. There are many species of the fish which are given the name whiting and therefore the definition will differ from country to country.

Whiting grows to a length of between 9-and 12-inches and usually weighs between 8 and 10 ounces. Allow approx-imately 1 to 2 fillets per serving or one whole fish for 2 servings.

Because whiting has a bland flavour, it is best served with well-flavoured sauces. However, if the fish is very fresh, it tastes delicious just sauteed in butter and served with lemon wedges.

To prepare whiting for cooking, remove the fins and head. (If the head is to be left on, remove the eyes before cooking.)

Slit the fish open and remove the gut. Cook the fish whole or filleted, with the skin removed.

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