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wart (verruca)

Benign swelling of the skin that results from a virus infection. Warts measure anything from a few millimetres to a few centimetres in diameter and can occur anywhere on the skin. A wart begins as a small excrescence of the upper layers of the skin. This swelling expands into a small growth typically resembling a miniature cauliflower. The wart is then covered with a thick horny layer so that it has a greyish-brown colour and feels hard. Warts occur mainly on the fingers and backs of the hands of schoolchildren. They also occur on the soles of the feet. Warts in the region of the beard or near the sex organs can look quite different. Warts usually disappear of their own accord after a few years, and treatment is therefore not really necessary. For cosmetic reasons or to avoid contagion, they can be treated by being frozen with liquid nitrogen or by being cut out. Another method is to dissolve the horny layer with a special solvent or an ointment.

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