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Waggler floats

In recent years waggler floats have been used a great deal in match fishing. I have seen many youngsters buying this type of float and then using them in completely wrong situations simply because they have read that a leading matchman had won a big competition using a waggler. Waggler is the name given to a type of float which is attached to the line by the bottom end of the float only. A waggler float is designed to carry a lot of weight so you can present a bait to fish at a great distance and avoid tangles when casting. The float should be fastened on to the line by passing the line-through the ring at the bottom of the float and locking it in position by nipping a couple of large shot either side of the ring. These shot should be spaced about one centimetre apart. Whatever loading the float will carry, the bulk of the shot should be placed next to the float and the rest distributed down the line towards the hook.

For fishing in a wide, smooth-flowing river a straight waggler should be used, and in a very slow-flowing, fenland river or drain, a bodied waggler is used. Fishing a bodied waggler in a very sluggish river is virtually the same as using an antenna float in a lake. Because they are attached to the line by the bottom ring only, wagglcrs can normally only be fished through the swim at the speed of the surface flow. This means that the float always precedes the bait. Always try to cast across and slightly downstream when using these floats as it makes line control much easier. For fishing close to the bank, tackle control is easier with a stick or a balsa float.

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