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Vitamin Chart


Vitamin A

Butter, milk, margarine, fresh green vegetables, liver, cod liver oil and carotene, found in carrots, which is converted into vitamin A when absorbed into the body.

Vitamin B group

Bread, flour, potatoes, milk, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, peanuts and some green vegetables, particularly Brussels sprouts, cabbage and lettuce, and yeast extract.

Necessary For

Growth of young children as it helps to make strong bones and teeth. It protects the front of the eyes (also helping with sight), the lining of the respiratory tract and throat.

Growth of young children, maintaining healthy skin and protecting the nervous system.

Vitamin C

Blackcurrants, citrus fruit, potatoes, green vegetables, rose hip syrup and nuts.

Healthy body tissue such as gums, protection against colds and poor circulation of the blood.

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin K

Margarine, eggs, cream, milk, butter, cheese and oily fish.

Vegetable oil, margarine, eggs and wheat germ.

Green vegetables, particularly cabbage and green peas.

Growth of young children. For expectant mothers to promote strong teeth and bones for both the mother and the child.

Normal body metabolism- the process by which food is converted and absorbed in the body.

Normal blood clotting.

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