Wash the article first, being careful to remove all soap (this is important) and follow the instructions given on the packet. Buy good dyes and test the dye on a piece of fabric similar to that you will be dyeing. The bath must be sufficient to hold the article, and the dye liquid must cover it. Because of this, I always buy one extra packet, to make sure the garment is completely covered.

Only dye clothes and curtains as a last resort. I have found the wearing qualities of clothes suffer when I dye them.


Remove all buttons and trimmings, loosen out tucks and seams, and remove belts. Remove collars so that they can be dyed separately. The main thing is to see that the dye gets everywhere. Keep turning and moving the garment and, when it is the desired colour, rinse gently in fresh cold water. Then wash and lay out flat to dry.


I find that faded parts are liable to come up lighter when I use dye. If you want to try to avoid this you will have to use a darker dye than at first intended.

Buy your dyes in a shop where the assistant can guide you.

Light things dye a dark shade well; dark things very seldom dye a nice light colour, unless you bleach them first.

Use a special stocking dye to make odd stockings into a pair.