Travel sickness can be a misery not only for sufferers but for those travelling with them. It can easily ruin what started out as a pleasant journey or family outing. Travel sickness can last up to 72 hours on a very long journey, but it can also stop very quickly once the journey has finished.

Symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, sweating, feeling faint and looking pale, even greenish, during a car, sea or air journey are actually brought on by the disturbance to the balance mechanism of the inner ear caused by motionFULLSTOP

The movement of the vehicle upsets the link between what the eyes see and what the balance mechanism of the inner ear feels – hence the alternative name of ‘motion sickness’. The eyes adjusts to the changes in the movement, whereas the inner ear doesn’t, so the signals from the eyes and the ears don’t quite add up.

Medicines for combating travel sickness are known as anti-emetics. They are drugs such as meclozine hydrochloride, an antihistamine, and they reduce the sensitivity of the vomiting centre in the brain. Some of the anti-travel sickness medicines cause drowsiness, so always read instructions carefully. Some aren’t recommended during pregnancy, either, so do check with your pharmacist or doctor if you’re pregnant and suffer from travel sickness. For most benefit, travel sickness medicines should be taken at least one hour before your journey starts.

You can reduce the risk of travel sickness by following some self-help measures. Don’t have a large meal or alcoholic drink before a journey, don’t allow smoking in the car and keep windows open if possible.

Children’s ears tend to be sensitive, making them more prone to travel sickness than adults, so if you have children who suffer, don’t talk about being sick in front of them, and provide plenty of distractions – games, toys, puzzles, etc. If possible, travel at night when they’re more likely to fall asleep – and if all else fails do take some waterproof bags with you!

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