Most pets should receive some kind of training; not so much in the matter of tricks, as in cleanly habits and obedience. Animals which are kept in the house, should be taught cleanly habits, and these are best taught by the mother while very young; older animals are very difficult to train. The best way to teach the older pet the errors of its ways, is to sprinkle the dirt plentifully with pepper and rub the animal’s nose in it, then show it the ash-box. Dogs should be trained to the collar and leash whilst young, and implicit obedience should be insisted on.

When teaching birds to sing, they should be hand reared, and infinite patience expended over their training. Parrots should be placed in a covered cage during training. Other talking specimens will pick up sounds fast enough, the difficulty being to ensure that they pick up the right ones. They should be isolated from street sounds, and when addressed should only be given words which they can easily remember.

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