Traditional Ways of Making Sandwiches

WHEN making meat sandwiches, cut the meat into small pieces or mince it. Salmon and sardine sandwiches taste nicer when mixed with a little salad cream. Cheese sandwiches are delicious when the cheese has been shredded. Use pastes as fillings for biscuit sandwiches. Peanut butter can be thinned with orange juice and used as an unusual sandwich filling. Pickle sandwiches are delicious.

At teatime I make toast, cut it into fingers, and put a layer of one of these spreads on the fingers.

I use apples a lot for spreads. Try them this way: Simmer apple peelings with ½ cupful water, 1 tablespoonful syrup and 2 cloves. When the mixture is thick enough to spread, leave it to cool and use as a teatime spread.


Take equal quantities of mashed cooked carrots and mashed cooked apples and mix with a little marmalade.


Mash a little processed cheese until it is creamy, mix with a dab of margarine and a little cold apple, and sweeten to taste.


Use mashed carrots and sardines and a dash of curry powder. Mix well and heat. Allow to cool, then spread.


Mix left-over creamed potatoes, finely chopped sprouts or lettuce and a little jam or marmalade to the consistency of sandwich spread.

This is delicious. I use marmalade and jam quite a lot in making spreads.


Use left-over liver, ground up with apple and onion and dressing for the first layer. Then add a layer of pickles and beans mixed together well; then another layer of the meat mixture.


Finely-chopped pickled onion mixed with minced meat makes fine sandwich fillings.

SANDWICH SPREADS (1) ½ lb. Tomatoes, 2 oz. Margarine, 2 oz. Cheese, 1 egg, seasoning.

Peel and heat the tomatoes, then mash them and add the margarine and egg. Stir until the mixture thickens, then remove and leave to cool. (2) 1 cupful cold potatoes, 1 cupful grated cheese, parsley, seasoning, mustard.

Put one cupful of left-over potato into a bowl with one cupful of grated cheese and a little chopped parsley and seasoning. Add a flat teaspoonful of mustard. Beat together well and spread. (3) Thin some peanut butter with salad dressing and spread on bread; sprinkle with raisins.


Take some mashed peas, finely chopped onion and apple. Mix all with bacon fat and allow to cool before spreading.

Warm bacon fat with vegetable extract and stir well, then allow to set until of the right consistency for spreading.