Always wash vegetables well in cold, salted water and do not leave them hi the water to soak. When cooking vegetables, use only sufficient water to cover the bottom of the pan. Bring to the boil, then simmer for ten to fifteen minutes. Be sure that the lid fits the pan tightly. Serve immediately the vegetables are cooked.

Many housewives throw away the outside leaves of cabbages, etc. I cook them all, for the outside leaves are usually the most nutritious.


Cheese can go much further if welsh rarebit is made this way. Take 1 tablespoonful of flour, with pepper and salt to taste, and mix with milk to a smooth paste. Grate 6 oz. Cheese and stir this into the pan. Cook on a low gas, stirring until the mixture resembles a blancmange. Spread on toast and put under the grill for a few minutes. (Sufficient for four persons to have one round each.)


Put 1 cupful of milk and 4 oz. Grated cheese into the upper part of a double boiler and mix in 1 teaspoonful of cornflour. 8a

When melted, mix in 1 oz. Margarine. Pour over this one lightly-beaten egg and return to the boiler; add seasoning. Stir until smooth and thick and serve at once on hot toast.

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