A serious, chronic eye disorder which is the most important cause of blindness in the world today. Trachoma is caused by the micro-organism , and is very infectious. It can readily occur under unhygienic conditions and can be transmitted by flies. It begins as a lingering conjunctivitis, usually in both eyes. Numerous small bumps, bluish-red in colour, appear on the insides of the eyelids. These bumps may reach 5 mm in size. They burst in due course, and scar tissue then forms. Trachoma itself may cause relatively few symptoms. It is the resultant complications (bacterial infections) that may finally lead to blindness. After many years, simple trachoma also leads to scar formation in the cornea and to blindness. Trachoma is treated by means of antibiotics, specifically tetracyclines. The eye recovers if treated promptly. However, scar tissue is permanent once formed.