Tips For Growing Vegetables And Salads From Seed

When deciding what to grow and when preparing your seed order consider what space you may have in your garden for each crop. Drawing a plan to scale is of help. It can prevent over-ordering. When planning for vegetables take into account the site of your kitchen garden. Few vegetables tolerate shade nor do they grow well if the roots of fruit trees and hedges rob the soil of nourishment. Plan so that your vegetables grow in good soil and where the plants receive lots of sunshine.


This is a useful crop to grow if you are starting from scratch. Potato plants are spreading in habit and smother weeds. A potato crop is often referred to as a ‘cleaning crop’ because the spreading habit and the cultivation carried out can eradicate many weeds.


Vegetables And Salads From Seed

Cauliflowers are greedy plants. Do not order cauliflower seeds unless you know your soil is very fertile. Planting cauliflowers in poor soil is a waste of time and garden space.


Onions are easy—from sets. A good crop of good-storing, maincrop onions is easily obtained if you start off with sets rather than by sowing seeds.

Vegetable marrow

Seed catalogues show varieties as Bush or Trailing. A bush plant is compact. Trailing plants may be trained on a wire mesh garden fence or on nylon netting.


For the greenhouse you have a choice of varieties which bear male and female flowers or of all-female flowerers. For outdoors there are ridge kinds which roam over the ground and there are trellis cucumbers which need supports.


‘Outdoor Girl’ is a tomato noted for its early ripening quality. If you prefer a bush variety, ‘The Amateur’ is popular. Tomatoes not only come in very large, medium and small reds; there are also yellow, gold and striped tomatoes. The yellows and golds are excellent for mixed salads.

Less usual vegetables

There are many other vegetables not included in this seed list. You will find something about them under the heading Fifty Vegetables and Salads. Few are difficult to grow. If you have room in the garden why not order seeds of a few of them?

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