The Use of Mirrors

To go into a room and have to force your way because there are several chairs in the vicinity of the door is not pleasant. Keep a clear space by the door for the sake of appearance as well as of comfort. It is just as unpleasant to open a door and walk into the projecting leaf of a bureau or the side of a piano.

A room should look its best from every aspect. An arrangement where from one part of the room the back of a piano is visible is not good. Where mirrors are used try to get the best reflection possible. This can make all the difference to a room, and it is surprising how the reflection of cushions and flowers help to carry out the colour-scheme, which is an all-important factor. Nature never clashes when painting the leaves for spring or autumn. We speak about the autumn tints, those marvellous shades which are so carefully blended. On the other hand, Nature is fond of contrasts. Take for instance, the green grass surrounded by hedgerows in which red, yellow, blue and every imaginable colour is displayed; the sun gradually sinking below the horizon in a haze of indescribable hues and tints, and the deep blue of the sea merging into the gold and crimson of the afterglow.

Do not attempt too many shades in a room. A definite two-colour scheme, with just a touch of a third colour, is most effective. Flowers can be used to give the third colour.

There is also the colour-scheme of wood to be considered. As far as possible, try to keep to the same land of wood for your furniture, and the same design. It is not always possible to have everything to match exactly, but endeavour to get the same colouring and style, otherwise one spoils the other and nothing is shown to advantage. In placing writing-tables and bureaux, consider your lighting and put them where they will get a maximum amount of light both by day and night. An electric switch for a table-standard should be just on the left-hand side of the writing-table, as light should always come from the left, when one is writing. Gramophones and pianos should never be against any outside wall because they are liable to be affected by any dampness which may come through. No room is complete without a clock.

Ones home should be ones pride and not merely a necessity. Individuality and comfort should be the outstanding features, and severity should be avoided.

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