The Truth about Exercises

Quite apart from the simple movements of the limbs, which most healthy women carry out in privacy after the morning bath, there are exercises to be suggested by doctors and physical instructors which are intended to have remedial effect.

For the grown woman who has neglected to exercise since her school days, as well as for the delicate young girl or woman, such exercises are not recommended to be tried without first consulting a doctor. There are exercises to improve the general tone of the body, improve the shape of the limbs, or develop some part more than another; others can be suggested for reducing fat and making muscle. It follows that each one of these remedial exercises must be thoroughly understood before it can be practised, and under the supervision of a physical instructor, who can check any fault which might lead to injury.

Here is the advice of a well-known London doctor: Remedial exercises, like massaging, require to be carried out under the supervision of qualified persons, or they may, if practised by the unskilled, possibly produco effects quite the reverse of what is desired.

As already explained, while the stomach is distended it is dangerous to carry out any exercises or other treatment for reducing, without undergoing a semi-starvation diet for one or two or three days, according to a doctors opinion of the patients condition. This diet may consist of concentrated food sufficient to keep her from craving for more nourishment, such as the juice of meat and vegetable, or mixed vegetables taken three times a day, with perhaps the juice only of fruit, other than of those fruits which have been mentioned a3 unsuitable for the dieting woman. During the whole time that this slimming or semi-starvation is undergone there must be no undue exertion. The internal organs will be gradually brought back to their normal state and size without ill-effects, but the treatment must not be attempted unless permitted by a doctor. During the hot weather many women eat only one good meal a day, and live on a little fruit or salads for other meals.

Naturally, the exact amount of food required, and the number of days necessary for treatment must be determined only by a doctor. Every woman who enters upon any treatment for obesity does so knowing that it is going to be a period of conscientious self-denial – otherwise it is a waste of time and effort.

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