The Sweet Course

FRUIT pies, milk puddings, baked apples – there is no end to the foods these transparent dishes will cook supremely. In no way is fruit more deliciously stewed. Cook apricots or plums in this way and test the truth of the statement. Peel and cut the apricots into halves, removing the stones.

Break the stones and add the kernels to the fruit, together with sugar and a little water. Cover the dish and cook gently in the oven until the fruit is tender and the syrup thick. Add a little Kirsch or other flavouring, and serve with cream.

For custards, junkets and fruit fools, individual glass cups and ramekins are delightful. For Gooseberry Fool enough for six people allow two pounds of gooseberries. Top and tail these, wash them and then put them into a stewpan with half a pound of sugar and a gill of water.

Cook them until soft and rub them through a fine sieve. With this puree mix one gill each of cream and custard and serve in the individual glasses.

The Soup Course

AS a rule the soup course is more appreciated when served cold. For this purpose it should be good strong bouillon or gravy soup, reinforced with a little wine and accompanied by toast fingers or salt sticks.

A Picnic Party

FOR the hiking members of the party it is sometimes necessary to make provision, and an excellent pasty which can very well be baked in either glass or earthenware is made in this way. Make a piece of short pastry and with half of it line a shallow glass dish. Into it put a mixture of cold chicken and ham finely minced and well seasoned, and to which a little minced walnut or other pickle has been added. Cover with the other piece of pastry and bake in a moderate oven.

Light Supper Dishes

THE uninteresting cold joint of mutton may be converted into something very delicious if small slices are cut from it and neatly trimmed.

Put about 1 oz. Of butter into a saucepan and when it is beginning to brown mix in 1 oz. Of flour until smooth. Cook it for a minute and then add -J pint of good stock or gravy and stir until boiling.

When hot cook the chopped shallot in it for a few minutes. Then add the other ingredients; season all to taste with pepper, salt and cayenne and stir until very hot. Allow the mixture to simmer for two or three minutes and then serve.

Raspberry Dishes

ONE of the best cold sweets for supper is possible with raspberries and later on with ripe blackberries. Stew 1 quart of

Cold bouillon Is refreshing and nourishing, but It must be good and strong. Serve it with salt stick;.

Draw the pan to the side of the stove, add 1 tablespoonful of red currant jelly to the sauce and then put in the slices of mutton. Cover the pan and cook until the meat is thoroughly hot.

Savoury Rice

AXOTHER appetizing dish may be I made with rice and shrimps. Have ready a breakfastcupful of picked shrimps and & a cupful of nicely boiled rice, 1 oz. Of butter, a teaspoonful of chopped shallot, £ gill of milk and a tablespoonful of tomato sauce.

Put the butter into a stewpan and the ripe berries gently with % of a cupful of water and 1 cupful of sugar for about fifteen minutes.

Butter some slices of bread or stale sponge cake, and about half-fill a pie-dish. Pour the fruit over, and when cold cover with whipped cream.

Sally Limn Buns

BUNS of the Sally Lunn order are excellent for making fruit sandwiches for supper. After splitting these spread them with Devonshire cream, sprinkle with grated coconut or chopped almonds and fill in with sweetened fruit puree.