The Invaluable Salad

A SALAD is an excellent and hygien-ically valuable dish, especially at this season – with a French dressing of good olive oil and pure fragrant vinegar. But che oil must be good and the vinegar pure, for, cooling as green salad stuffs are, there ia little nourishment in them until the oil is added. The oil is what we need, with the vinegar to help its digestion.

Many housekeepers who are puzzled in early Spring about making a change in their menus will find a solution of their difficulty in a salad. The firm, crisp cabbage lettuce that comes in at Spring makes an ideal one.

After washing it well and shaking it dry, break it – on no account touch it with a knife – into small pieces. Put them into a bowl that has been lightly rubbed round with a clove of garlic, or, failing that, an onion. Put slices of hard-boiled egg on top and, at the last minute, before serving, pour over a dressing of oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.

A particularly refreshing salad is one of chicory and apple mixed. Both these ingredients are chopped, mixed and served on portions of crisp lettuce, garnished with rings of beetroot anil a few capers, and dressed with a simple French dressing.

An Excellent Potato Salad

NEW potatoes on coming into the market are somewhat insipid, yet when served as a vegetable salad very tasty when made in this way. Scrape and then boil them in salted water and, while still hot, cut them into slices. Put them into a bowl in alternate layers with slices of hard-boiled egg, placing between each layer some small pieces of anchovy and olives and some shelled shrimps. Let them stand for a little time and, just before serving, pour over them a dressing of good salad cream.

A Popular Salad

A salad very popular in southern Europe is ideal for serving at this time. Peel and slicelb. Of cucumber and put the slices in salted water for a little time. Meanwhile skin 1 lb. Of firm, ripe tomatoes and cut them into slices, and mince finely two green capsicums.

Rub a salad bowl with a clove of garlic and into it put these ingredients, being careful to have the cucumber well drained from the salted water. Mix a dressing of 2i parts of olive oil to 1 part of vinegar and a little salt. Serve at once.

When dandelion greens are sucoulent

and not yet bitter, we should make the most of them. Take equal quantities of young dandelion leaves and watercress, and after washing them well break them into small pieces. Put them into a salad bowl and with them mix 2 or 3 young spring onions chopped finely. When ready to serve, pour French dressing over. When a fish, meat or chicken salad is served, it will be much improved in flavour if the meat or fish to be used is allowed to stand for a little time in a marinade before being added to the salad. A good marinade is made by mixing oil, lemon-juice and salt and pepper, and, if liked, a little onion juice.

Often those who object to the flavour of onion will yet appreciate the addition in the salad bowl of a email piece of bread that has been rubbed with garlic. This gives a good flavour to the salad.

A Meat Flan

A meat – beef, mutton, veai, pork, rabbit, poultry, game – may be used for making the flan illustrated in this article.

Steam the meat first with a little stock and seasoning, and let it get cold before putting it between the pastry. Moisten it well with gravy, and a little boiled rice added is popular with many.