The food problem is one needing care when the home consists of one room. Have the gas-stove at one side of the window so that the fumes have a way of escape without going through the room. Place a screen in front of the stove and have the back of the screen fitted with rods and screws to hold ail kitchen and cooking utensils and towels.

Buy food daily – try to have no left-overs – and never keep fish overnight.

Make a point of washing up after every meal and keep a stout tray foi carrying the soiled dishes, pans and cutlery to the place provided by the landlady for washing up.

Have washable curtains of a good material, rather than fancy, flimsy curtains, and do not have expensive ‘drapes.’ Having to cook at the window end of the room means frequent washing of curtains, so choose them from a practical and economical viewpoint.

A man hates the one-room home, and it is left to the woman to try to make the stay as happy as possible for him.

Place a table and chair behind a screen in one corner of the room for his den. On the table have all the odds and ends of his hobby. If it is reading, have a table-lamp there and a writing set.

If it is carpentry, buy a piece of three-ply wood, paint it and hang it on the wall above the table, fix hooks to the plywood and hang the tools on the hooks.

If the hobby is sport, have his trophies on a shelf above the table, and the sports gear on the table, and so on. The main thing is to let him see you are considering his interests even when there is only one room.

A man appreciates this gesture very much, even if he rearranges the corner the next day; and if he does that, don’t pout, ignore it – after all, it’s his corner.

As I now see things, home-making is not just giving a man a comfortable place to sleep in and eat in; it is giving him also a place where lie can develop his hobby and do as he pleases.

Now with my married experience I know that, had I to begin marriage again, I would say nothing to him, nothing at all, if in the first few years of marriage he littered our one-room home widi his hobby tools every time he was indoors. I should know he was happy.

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