The Dining-room Fireplace

It is perhaps needless to add that all the furniture should be of the same kind of wood, although such a reminder may be necessary for people who prefer to buy individual pieces instead of having everything to match. Tastes differ regarding the fireplace, which should obviously be in keeping with the other contents of the room, and the same remark applies in the matter of what is to go above it. Shall it be a mirror or a picture? The former is preferable if the room is small, because the reflection of the opposite end gives the suggestion of added length, otherwise the mirror will look very effective over the sideboard. Pelmets should conceal the curtain rods. These may either be made of the curtain material, or wood painted to tone with the curtains.

A warm-coloured carpet will contribute to the relief of any unintentional drabness, and is best displayed on a parquet or polished oak floor. Failing these somewhat costly luxuries, the boards should be stained or linoleum used. A carpet which completely covers the floor has the effect of making the room appear smaller than is actually the case, though for use in bedrooms it has the advantage of a warmer appearance.

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