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The Best Way To Clean Lampshades

First unplug the table lamps from sockets, then remove shades before attempting to clean them. For pendant lamps or wall brackets, turn off electricity at the mains before removing the shade. You will probably have to remove the light bulb, and unscrew the bottom part of the lamp-holder in order to remove most types of shade. Iffabric shades are made from washable fabrics, first remove any trimmings which might run, or be harmed by washing. Then simply swish the whole shade through a bowl of warm soapy water, rinse in clear water and dry away from heat. Sometimes, fabrics can be slipped off the shade frame for washing. But non-washable or delicate fabric shades should be professionally cleaned. Or you can dust them down well with a scrupulously clean soft brush, then clean all over with a cloth moistened in a liquid dry-cleaning stain-remover. For parchment shades, make up a solution of 1 teaspoon of soap flakes in a small bowl of warm water, plus 2 teaspoons of methylated spirits. Wipe the shade with the solution, using a clean soft cloth. Wipe off any lather, and then wipe over again with a cloth moistened in pure methylated spirits. Allow to dry, then polish with a soft dry cloth. A little olive oil rubbed over the shade will restore its soft sheen.

Plastic shades should be washed in a solution of warm water and a little washing-up liquid. Let them drain dry without rubbing as this will help to cut down static electricity.

Paper shades can only be dusted clean, as often as possible, to minimise heavy soiling.

The Best Way To Clean Lampshades

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