The Bathroom

A NICE bathroom is a decided asset to any home, and care should be taken over its decoration and arrangement so that it suits the requirements of the entire family. Choose a colour scheme that will be bright and invigorating. Have you noticed in modern estates and at exhibitions that show houses have the bathrooms decorated widi something or other to do with the sea? Ships, fish, seaside scenes, and so on.

I prefer any other decoration to that connected with water, and the homemaker who has time to do her own decorating could evolve an attractive setting for the bathroom walls.

What about cut-outs of famous sayings arranged here and there all over the walls? Or a newspaper collection of pictures in keeping with the hobbies of the family pasted here and there?

Have washable walls and ceiling. Have the bathroom walls tiled two-thirds of the way up, and have the linoleum and the curtains to match the tiles. Have towels with borders to tone with the colour scheme.

Never have dark colours prominent in a bathroom, for it must be bright and cheerful.

Have a face flannel for each member of the household. Let the flannels hang on separate hooks behind the bathroom door and paint each person’s name above the hooks.

Have a box-shaped bathroom stool for soiled linen, a heated two-rail towel fixture, a flat floor weighing-machine, and a bag for hair combings and empty cartons. Fix a bathroom cabinet, with mirrored front, above the foot ol the bath for a stock of all toilet requirements. Have another cabinet above the wash-basin fixture for Father’s use, and have a shaving light fixed above the mirror. Leave the window-sill for the boys’ use. Attach a coloured cord to a glass shelf and suspend this above the bath for holding the girls’ requirements, and have a similar shelf suspended above the towel-rail for the towel replacements. Have tumbler and toothbrush-holders on the woodwork of the window and a tip-up seat on the wall under the window. Don’t forget a cosy towelling mat for the feet. It is nice to have the airing cupboard in the bathroom, but that depends on the lay-out of the house. And if it is not in the bathroom it is usually just outside.

I got my lovely, comfy, decorated bathroom together by buying one thing at a time over a period of years. Now we have all we want in it – and it doesn’t seem overmuch for happy family comfort.

The linen cupboard and the airing cupboard mean one and the same in the average home, for few of us have any linen to store, except a change for all beds – if we are lucky.

Tidy the cupboard thoroughly once a month. Have the cupboard white-enamelled. This saves papering the shelves and is easy to wipe over. See you have a tightly-fitting door to keep out dust. Have a list of your linen on the inside of the door. Fix covers to the backs of the shelves to pull over the linen. This keeps it fresh and spotless.

Keep the same tilings in the same place always, then the family know just where to lay their hands on anything that is wanted.