The Attractively-arranged Table

Lunch or dinner may cause a little more trouble. The hostess should, how-over, only attempt what she can be sure of being able to serve properly. Where only one maid is kept the mistress should see that the table is properly and attractively arranged, and instruct her maid as to how she wants everything served so that the girl does not have to ask her mistress when the guests have arrived. Everything can be cooked and dished up before the visitors come and be kept in a warming oven. There should be no delay between each course, which means that everything should be ready before the previous course is finished.

Where no maid is kept it is unavoidable that the hostess should excuse herself for a few minutes so that she may-put the first course on the table and the others ready. With a little forethought this should only take a few minutes. Never make a bother about it, just ask your guests to excuse jrou for a few minutes. There is no need to say what for, and they will not take undue notice unless there is a clatter of china and noise of quick footsteps.

A plain, simple meal, well cooked and well served, is more appreciated than an elaborate one attempted without success. Do not ask more people than you can comfortably accommodate.

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