Individuality and Comfort Should Be Outstanding Features Human nature seems loath to drag itself away from everyday ideas. Because a woman living in one of a row of houses, each unit of which is architecturally identical in every detail, has her piano against one wall and it looks very nice, it does not necessarily follow that the same arrangement will be equally effective in the other houses. This may seem contradictory, but though the rooms may be duplicated, the furniture will not be. We play the game of follow-my-leader far too frequently in the arrangement of our apartments. Aim at the unusual without going to the extreme, and the result will be pleasing because it is unusual. Comfort must be the first thought; but after that has been provided for, one should break away from the monotonous and put ones own ideas into practice, not those of somebody else. While friends do not judge you by the size of your house, they can judge your ideas by the way in which it is arranged.

When certain furniture, on account of its size, will only go in one position, the remainder must be fitted in accordingly. Do not make the mistake of putting all the bulky furniture in one corner, leaving another bare and poverty-stricken. Try various positions for each article, and see for yourself how the room looks best. It is difficult to visualize a room furnished, but once one has decided where the heavy things must go the others can be altered until a home has been found for them. Never Overcrowd As far as possible, everything must be shown to its full advantage. For instance, a display cabinet, providing it has in it china worthy of notice, should not be hidden in the darkest haunt in the room. Mirrors are always an asset, especially in the small room, as they appear to add size. Never overcrowd.

A room which is too sot is never attractive. Chairs do not need to be pushed back against a Avail so that every time they are used they must be pulled out, usually turning the carpet up at the same time. For winter, at any rate, the lounge should be cheerful and suggest warmth and comfort. The chesterfield must find a place by the fire, also two easy chairs. Cushions can be arranged carelessly, providing the colours blond.

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