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Inflammation of the connective tissue sheath surrounding a tendon, resulting from irritation through intensive use. Generally the tendon itself is also inflamed, along with the mucus goblet cells in the area. The wrists are often affected. Symptoms are pain and loss of strength: objects cannot be gripped properly, for example. Fluid may accumulate within the sheath, and precipitated substances in this fluid can cause a grating sound as the tendon moves through the sheath. The condition may also cause ganglion formation, and chronic inflammation can lead to constriction of the sheath, so that the tendon cannot slide smoothly through it, making it impossible to straighten a bent finger, for example, without a sudden movement with an associated click. Tenosynovitis can also be an element of another disease, such as a rheumatic disorder or bacterial infection. Treatment is by rest of the affected tendon and sheath, if necessary in combination with painkillers and constriction of the sheath may be corrected by surgery.

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