tendon injuries

Injury to the tough connective tissue at the end of a muscle by which it is attached to bone. Tendon injuries limit movement and cause pain at the point of injury. If the tendon is torn completely, the muscle contracts powerfully, with one piece of the tendon attached to it. Tendon injuries can be part of more general damage, such as fractures, or tennis elbow (epicondylitis) Inflammation of the periosteum and tendons in the bony projections (condyles) of the upper arm on the outside of the elbow. This is the site of the insertions of the muscles that extend the hand and wrist and turn the lower arm. The inflammation arises as a result of irritation of the periosteum. This irritation can result from a blow, but usually it is a matter of the energetic or intensive use of this group of muscles. It may affect tennis players, but equally it can be a consequence of other prolonged activities such as knitting or using a screwdriver. The inflammation is accompanied by