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Teeth, discoloured

Discoloration of the teeth often occurs through exterior influences, such as colouring matter in food, tobacco or certain medicines. One substance known to have a discolouring effect on the teeth is fluoride. Too much fluoride, as for example in the drinking water during the period when the teeth are growing, can lead to a yellowish-brown, spotty discoloration. One medicin known for its discolouring effects is tetracycline, the antibiotic. Using it while the teeth are developing can lead to a grey to yellowish-brown discoloration. Tooth discoloration is sometimes the consequence of an injury with dental bleeding, the result being a dark discoloration. Dental discoloration does not in itself mean that the teeth are any weaker; in fact they sometimes become stronger (for example, as a result of too much fluoride). If it is treated, it is mainly for cosmetic reasons.

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