Teeth Development

The milk teeth should be taken as much care of as the later permanent ones; the condition of the latter, in fact, depends to some extent upon the care bestowed on the former. As soon as possible habituate a child to using a toothbrush after each meal, brushing the teeth up and down rather than across. Paste or powder is not required more than once a day.

Any irregularities and misplacements in growth should be attended to; a dentist can often make adjustments now with ease that later are difficult or impossible. Regular visits to the dentist are most advisable. Any spot of decay can then be promptly dealt with, practically without pain, and the child comes to regard the dentist as a friend and not a dreaded foe. Decayed teeth are a most fruitful cause of digestive troubles.

The milk teeth begin to loosen and come out at about the sixth birthday. Whilst they are being replaced by the permanent teeth special dental care is advisable; overcrowding, misplacement, and any other irregularities can then most easily be adjusted.