Window Repairs That Save Money

The commonest problems with windows are the sticking of moving parts, damage caused by rot and cracked or broken glass. Where hinged casements or sliding sashes stick, the trouble may be caused by the accumulation of paint on the meeting surfaces, and it can often be cured by stripping back to bare wood and repainting. … Read more

Window Decoration Ideas

How are you going to dress your windows? For most of us, privacy is one of the major considerations — but if this doesn’t apply to you, try leaving a handsome window uncurtained, at least during the day. You don’t have to be conventional. For example, you don’t have to use curtains — blinds will … Read more

Reglazing A Window

Always wear thick gloves and goggles when reglazing. Break out a broken window pane, using a hammer and pliers, and carefully catch and dispose of the glass, wrapping it in several layers of newspaper. Levering out pieces around the edge will also break out putty, but remaining putty should be removed with a woodworking and … Read more

Window Glass Replacement

Windows are as much a part of the wall as brickwork, and a broken window must be one of commonest of household accidents. Fortunately it presents no difficulties in repair. The only difficulty lies in cutting the glass to size. Many people find this operation tricky. Mostly, though, the difficulty lies in having a bad … Read more

Openings in walls

The inherent stability of an opening depends upon the means of spanning over the opening. Lintels, short beams of timber, reinforced concrete or steel are stable because the loading at the supports is vertical. Arches and wedge arches are inherently unstable and may only be used safely if they are adequately buttressed by the walling … Read more

Types of window

Windows are made in a wide range of designs and standard sizes. The frames may be: 1. timber; 2. metal to fit into timber surrounds; 3. metal for direct fixing into surrounding masonry; 4. high-density plastic, which is virtually maintenance-free. Standard-joinery modules are produced in metric dimensions. Sash or double-hung windows. The term sash is … Read more