THE time-honoured method of allowing 1 taps to run at night during frost is not always effective, and besides being very wasteful may be disastrous if the outlet of a sink or bath becomes sealed by ice. The safest method of protecting the main is to have a drain-cock fitted near the turn-off cock, turn … Read more

Gutters, House

As a great part of the soot, dust, leaves and other rubbish which falls on a roof is washed by rain into the gutters, these will gradually fill up if not cleaned periodically. Leaves are perhaps the chief offenders, especially as regards low roofs near trees. They decay and form mud. A partly-filled gutter may … Read more


THE four main items of a private generating plant are: (1) the engine; (2) the dynamo; (3) the switchboard; (4) the battery. As regards the engine. If the makers directions about cleaning, lubrication and the occasional examination of certain parts are followed out, this should give very little trouble. The governor and fuel pump, when … Read more

Clearing Drains

On the principle that prevention is better than cure, the gratings to all gulleys should be kept in place, and be renewed if they break. Even if the gratings are in good order, dirt may work through them and form deposits which ultimately fill the trap and prevent water flowing. The only course in such … Read more

Cistern, Jacketing a Hot-water.

Excepting in cases where the hot-water cylinder or cistern is deliberately left bare so that heat from it may be used for airing clothes or warming a room, there are obvious advantages in retarding the cooling of its contents. A certain amount of fuel will be saved, and water which has once been well heated … Read more


Easy Ways of Doing Difficult Tasks Baking-tins. Fill with fine coal-ashes and warm water, and well shake. Rinse in cold water. If greasy, fill with a strong solution of soap powder, leave for twenty-four hours, and then rinse well. Bamboo Furniture. Clean with a small brush dipped in salt-and-water. Baths. Adherent dirt is readily removed … Read more

Hot Water in abundance

One small bright coke fire in the kitchen gives as much hot water as is required for all household purposes. It will cook anything. Including bread and pastry, and will in addition heat a number of radiators to warm the rest of the houoe. Another cooker and boiler combination is the new Ideal Cookanheat. It … Read more


Most households water is heated in a boiler fired with coal, coko, anthracite, or gas, and stored in a hot-water tank. The boiler may be one built into the back of the kitchen range, or a fireplace which also heats a room; or – this alternative is becoming increasingly popular – is an independent boiler … Read more

Brewing Beer Concise Guide

If making beer for the first time, simplicity is the keynote and the instructions and suggestions given here are based on this assumption. Beermaking kits containing ingredients, equipment and instructions also make a good introduction to the hobby and, if you find you enjoy it, there are lots of ways to experiment and add variety … Read more

Self Build Structural factors

Not all building materials are able to resist compressive and tensional forces equally. Brickwork, concrete and masonry are very strong under compression but have little ability to resist tensional stress. This means that they are very useful at supporting dead loads, provided the line of action of the force does not pass outside the column … Read more