Modern Wallpapering Techniques

You may want to use one of the modern ready-pasted wallpapers, for which a different technique is required. Another technique which requires special skills is papering a ceiling. Ready-pasted paper Using a ready-pasted wallcovering means not having to bother with a paste table or paste. The paste is already on the back of the wallcovering … Read more

Wallpapering Basics

Wallpaper is made in so many attractive designs and finishes that it can be used to complement any colouring or furnishing scheme, but for early attempts at hanging avoid the heavier and deeply patterned papers. Lining paper is plain and may be used before wallpaper on painted or poor surfaces, Papering a ceiling is more … Read more

How To Wallpaper A Ceiling Without Breaking Your Neck

It’s easier than you think to paper a ceiling. Papering a ceiling is usually approached by newcomers with some anxiety. Often the first attempt gives such poor results that no further efforts are made. The main stumbling block is often the lack of suitable long trestle tables from which the work can be done. Moving … Read more

Tools For The Decoration And Maintenance Of Your Walls

The main work done to walls is: painting, wallpapering, tiling or perhaps minor repairs of plaster-work. The tools for these would be: Painting A series of suitable brushes and, of course, supplies of brush-cleaning material. For rubbing down the surfaces in preparation for painting you will need sandpaper. A useful tool for this is the … Read more