Varieties of Apple

Adam’s Pearmain (D), Dec.-Mar.; Advance (D), Aug.; Allen’s Everlasting (D), Apr.-June; Allington Pippin (D), Oct.-Dec.; American Mother (D), Oct.- Nov.; Annie Elizabeth (C), Dec.-June; Arthur Turner (C), Sept.-Oct.; Ashmead’s Kernel (D), Dec.-Mar.; Astrachan Red (D), Aug. Barnack Beauty (D), Dec.-Apr.; Barnack Orange (D), Nov.-Dec.; Baumann’s Red Winter Reinette (D), Dec.- Jan.; Beauty of Bath (D), … Read more

Hamster Varieties

The original colouring of the hamster is the familiar golden-brown. This is the wild hamster and, for some 15 years after domestication, was the only known colour. However, nature produces variations in the form of “sports” or mutants, to use the correct word. No-one knows when, where or what form these may take, except that … Read more

Varieties Of Hamster

The hamster has become one of the popular pets of modern times. Just why is really not hard to understand. It is small and easy to keep, does not require expensive nor uncommon food, and its endearing behaviour soon wins over those people who would look upon the little chap “as just another rodent”. The … Read more

How To Grow Strawberries

Growing Strawberries In Barrels A special method of growing either the summer-fruiting or perpetual strawberries is by cutting two-inch diameter holes in the staves of an old barrel, which is then filled with rich soil and the strawberries planted through the holes. This old system of growing strawberries makes strawberry growing possible in small areas … Read more