A step-ladder, or pair of steps, as it is otherwise called, is an important item of the household equipment which any amateur joiner of fair skill can easily put together. For the sides are wanted two 4-foot 3-inch lengths of wood measuring 4 inches by $ inch after planing. The top, A, is 18 inches … Read more

Lawn Mowers

Once your new grass – whether grown from seed or turf – has reached a height of 5 cm (2 in) it can be cut lightly with a mower to reduce it to 2.5 cm (1 in). This first cut should be made when the grass is perfectly dry, and the clippings should be collected … Read more

An easily-made Dove-Cote

There is still a considerable number of people who keep pigeons or doves, and many of them will be interested in the dove-cote which is described here. It is octagonal in shape, two-storied, and has four compartments in each story, all of which can be got at for cleaning and inspection through doors in two … Read more

Open Fires

The Englishmans desire to feel and look at a fire is unsatisfied by radiators, and open fires may be provided in the reception rooms; and when in use the other means of heating may be turned off. At the present time electricity is being increasingly used for cooking. It has the obvious advantage of being … Read more


IT is becoming increasingly apparent that more and more people are not content to purchase the ready-made article, but desire to have their house built to their own special ideas. This is as it should be, for it still remains true that There is no place like home, especially if one feels that it contains … Read more

Home Planning, Decoration, Arrangement and Organization

THERE is all the difference in the world between a house and a home. The former may be very beautifully designed, and the situation such as to encourage a poets muse, and yet remain nothing more than the desirable residence that is part of the verbal stock-in-trade of estate agents. Add that it is exquisitely … Read more