Garage Doors

Up-and-over. The up-and-over garage door does not require more than the site width for opening. The door hinges, tilts and slides up into the garage roof space for half its depth. Through lack of care, older swing doors often warp, fail to hang or close properly. As a result, hinges rust and break. The simple … Read more

Types of door

Doors are made in standard modules. The height of a standard door is 6 ft 6 in. (1.98 m). Front doors are in general approximately 2 ft 9 in. (83 cm) wide, dining and bedroom doors approximately 2 ft 6 in. (76 cm) wide: doors on toilets and bathrooms are usually only 2 fit 3 … Read more

Types of window

Windows are made in a wide range of designs and standard sizes. The frames may be: 1. timber; 2. metal to fit into timber surrounds; 3. metal for direct fixing into surrounding masonry; 4. high-density plastic, which is virtually maintenance-free. Standard-joinery modules are produced in metric dimensions. Sash or double-hung windows. The term sash is … Read more