PLANE irons, chisels and gouges require occasional grinding and frequent sharpening. Grinding is done on a circular grindstone or emery wheel, with water as lubricant and cooling agent, to produce a uniform bevel of about 25 degrees. The stone or wheel should turn towards the edge of the tool, both to keep it flooded with … Read more

Devilled Turkey Drumsticks

Turkey drumsticks coated in a piquant, spicy mixture and grilled [broiled] is a tasty way of using up leftover turkey. Wings and breasts may be used in the same way. Serve zvith a tomato salad. 4 SERVINGS 2 teaspoons prepared French mustard 2 teaspoons prepared English mustard 1 tablespoon tomato sauce 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger … Read more

How To Roast Turkey

  Buy a plump, young turkey bird. Look for a pliable breast bone. When you buy a fresh duck or goose, choose one with yellow feet and bill. Poultry, with or without a stuffing, is often trussed. This is not necessary for most small birds and roasting chickens, but it helps keep a turkey in … Read more