Lawn Mowers

Once your new grass – whether grown from seed or turf – has reached a height of 5 cm (2 in) it can be cut lightly with a mower to reduce it to 2.5 cm (1 in). This first cut should be made when the grass is perfectly dry, and the clippings should be collected … Read more

Equipment And Tools For A Car Workshop

Workshop Equipment. REPAIRS on the road must necessarily be carried out as and when occasion demands—the average breakdown is no respecter of time or convenience, and action must be taken on the spot irrespective of conditions. But first we are concerned with the repairs that can be undertaken at leisure in the home garage. Adjustments … Read more

Main Types Of Power Tools

Variable-speed drills One of the most significant developments in DIY power tools has been the introduction of the electronically controlled variable-speed drill. This is the most suitable model for the home handyman because it can drill holes at the ideal speeds required for different materials. Developments in micro-electronic technology have made possible variable-speed drills where … Read more

Hardening, Sharpening And Tempering Tools

Cutting tools used in wood and metalwork are generally made from medium to high carbon steel (cast steel), which is hardened and tempered’during manufacture of the tools. Mild steel, which contains very little carbon, cannot be hardened and is not used for tools. The purpose of hardening is to enable the tool to resist wear … Read more

Designing in Metal

In comparison with wood, metal is an expensive and difficult material in which to rectify cutting or machining errors. Therefore you should design any metalwork project very carefully before you begin. Designing requires a logical approach and a lot of practical knowledge relating to the project in mind; so learn to apply your mind to … Read more

Equipping a Workshop

The home workshop should be a highly organised place. Ideally, it should be purpose-designed. Frequently, however, it has to be confined to a garden shed or share the garage with the car. Providing adequate workshop facilities can become something of a “space” project. Siting Siting considerations are important. There will inevitably be a certain amount … Read more