Preparing Salads Through The Seasons

Salads are marvellous. Everyone knows about their nutritional value but, using a few basic dressings, you can provide everything from a refreshing, palate-cleansing finish to a dinner, to a meal which is satisfying, varied and complete in itself. Spring Buy early-crop, thin-skinned new potatoes. Scrub and boil for 10-12 minutes in salted water, with sprigs … Read more

Tomato and Cucumber Grafting

Tomatoes and cucumbers can be grafted to provide a root system which is resistant to certain soil-borne diseases and pests such as wilt, corky root and eelworm. Various rootstocks are available and doubtless more will be produced. Rootstock K.N. is resistant to root knot eelworm and corky root, and Tomato Rootstock K.V.F. resists corky root, … Read more

Tomatoes Indoors and Outdoors

For an early crop of tomatoes under glass, seed should be sown in a warm greenhouse during January or February. In unheated houses it is not wise to start until early April. For outdoor planting, seed is best sown in a warm greenhouse in mid-March. In all methods the seeds should be sown very thinly … Read more

Growing Tomatoes

When they were first introduced tomatoes were considered an aphrodisiac and so were called Love Apples. Over the centuries they have lost one reputation and gained another, far greater one. Thousands of tons are sold yearly, but those who grow their own swear that none you buy taste as good. Outdoor tomatoes are usually a … Read more