PLANE irons, chisels and gouges require occasional grinding and frequent sharpening. Grinding is done on a circular grindstone or emery wheel, with water as lubricant and cooling agent, to produce a uniform bevel of about 25 degrees. The stone or wheel should turn towards the edge of the tool, both to keep it flooded with … Read more

Cutting Glass

Glass is cut with either a diamond or a tiny sharp-edged and very hard steel wheel. The diamond is undoubtedly the finer tool, especially for thick glass. But a glaziers diamond costs a pound or more, whereas a first-class steel-wheel cutter can be bought for a shilling or eighteenpence, including a few spare wheels. In … Read more

Clothes Posts, Movable.

At the best, clothes posts are not ornamental, and in most gardens are a disfigurement; but the use of them may be unavoidable. There is therefore much to be said in favour of making them removable when not required. Each post will need a socket, say, 30-in. Deep, in which to be erected, buried firmly … Read more